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Phytonutrient Flower Skincare™
Herbalist formulated in communion with the land
with floral minerals, bioactive ferments & regional roots

Ancestral methods elegantly collide with modern formulation under rafters of ancient eastern hemlock to unite the healers and rituals of time immortal with the functional techniques of contemporary holistic skincare
and wellness practices. We hand-forage our bounty of wild organic botanicals when they are dripping with morning dew drops and glittering dollops of pollen, buried deep
in soil that is fully functioning as a vital living ecosystem that sustains the natural world around it, nourishing bountiful crops, verdant forests, and providing sustenance for diverse wildlife and landscape. ⁣

Our ethos is eternally devoted to mindfully crafting
the finest nutrient-dense biodynamic skincare.

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Fresh herbal distillations
and house-fermented flower essences harmoniously nurture
and support the natural resiliency
of the skin microbiome.

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Fine Skincare

Nutritionally exceptional organic formulas that are magnificently effective and crafted by hand
in the most profound communion with the indigenous landscape.


Tideland (taidˌlænd. n.) 

Tidelands is a convergence of land and sea.
A meeting ground of ancient equals. 

Ancestral methods and modern formulation, healers of old, and science of new. 
Our formulas are artfully distilled and blended by herbalist, naturalist, and master formulator Dominique Del Col in our solar-illuminated stillroom, housed within a converted heritage stone crofters cottage erected in 1879. A dedicated grassroots green space surrounded by a lush and fecund English garden, abundant in wild medicinal herbs and heirloom flowers.


Finely crafted skincare with bioregional roots.

Our native flora is wild-foraged from hedgerows and tenderly dried from the rafters in our stone cottage.
Marine flowers, wild mosses, fresh clay and seaweeds are sustainably, seasonally and mindfully gathered during our annual travels to the shores of Prince Edward Island and the salted coast of Nova Scotia.

Our stillroom lies on land nourished by the majestic O:se Kenhionhata:tie. ⁣
Mohawk for “Willow River,” in the heart of Wellington County, Kanadario.
Iroquois for “Sparkling Water,” the origin of Ontario. 

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