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Dominique Del Col

Herbalist, Naturalist, and Master Formulator of Tidelands House Stillroom

The Story


Our formulas are artfully distilled and blended by herbalist, naturalist, and Master Formulator Dominique Del Col in our solar-illuminated stillroom, housed within a converted heritage stone crofters cottage erected in 1879.

A dedicated grassroots green space surrounded by a lush and fecund English garden, abundant in wild medicinal herbs and heirloom flowers. We are eternally devoted to crafting the finest herbal skincare and wellness preparations in a conscious environment, using sustainable, organic, and wild foraged ingredients while advocating for biodynamic and celestially guided planting practices. Our formulations are thoughtfully concocted by hand in micro-batches with only the purest botanical essences and extracts, without artificial ingredients, and in mindful glass vessels free of unnecessary packaging. Our path is guided by intentional sourcing to navigate the environmental and social impact in every step of our makers' process.


When you eat food that is in season, you lower your carbon impact. Locally grown food takes significantly fewer transportation resources, reducing your influence on emissions and greenhouse gases. Produce like herbs, flowers, grains, fruits and vegetables are also picked at the peak of their ripeness and nutrition density because they do not need to risk spoilage during transit. This means that each pear, plum, bundle of rosemary, or root vegetable is wildly more nutritious and healthful for you to enjoy. 


We are passionate about applying this vital principle in the formulation of our skincare. 


We hand-forage our bounty of wild organic botanicals when they are dripping with morning dew drops

and glittering dollops of pollen, buried deep in the soil, fully functioning as a vital living ecosystem that sustains the natural world around it, nourishing bountiful crops and verdant forests and providing sustenance for diverse wildlife and landscape. Any rare essences or non-native plants used in our formulas are always wild-gathered, organic, and procured at a premium from micro-herbaries who share our values and are committed to regenerative growing and sustainable harvesting practices.


As eternal earth stewards, we harvest in communion with and in reverence of this magnificent land

while crafting skincare formulas that are nutritionally exceptional and magnificently effective. 


Name Origins


Tideland (taidˌlænd. n.) 

​Tidelands are a convergence of land and sea. A meeting ground of ancient equals.

Ancestral methods and modern formulation, healers of old, and science of new. 


Tidelands House stillroom lies on land nourished by the majestic O:se Kenhionhata:tie. ⁣

Mohawk for "Willow River," in the heart of Wellington County, Kanadario. Iroquois for "Sparkling Water,"

the origin of Ontario. Our name is inspired by the intersection between loamy soil and crystalline riverbank surrounding our studio and our eternal adoration of the tidal lands where we forage for sea plants and oceanic flowers during our annual pilgrimage to the East Coast. 


The Historic Stillroom

A place where traditional methods elegantly collide with modern formulation under rafters of ancient eastern hemlock to unite the healers and rituals of time immortal with the effective techniques of contemporary holistic skincare and wellness practices.

Our regional flora is wild-foraged from hedgerows and tenderly dried from the rafters in our stone cottage.

Marine flowers, wild mosses, fresh clay and seaweeds are sustainably, seasonally and mindfully gathered during

our annual travels to the shores of Prince Edward Island and the salted coast of Nova Scotia.


On the whitewashed stone exterior of our heritage stillroom climbs a hardy collection of tangled wild plants,

one in particular, the delicate Everlasting Pea flower (Lathyrus latifolius) in enchanting shades of bright heliotrope, muted rose, and iridescent periwinkle. In the practice of flower therapy, the essence of the Everlasting Pea Flower is known to impart a deep-rooted connection to home and reinforce the social fabric of earth and community, affirming our hearts' communion with the flora and fauna of the land. An antique lithographic illustration of this special flower can be found at the heart of our brand emblem. 

As great enthusiasts of eras bygone, we conscientiously selected our elegant bottles crafted in thick milk glass with their beveled heritage shape reminiscent of Victorian-era mercury mirrors and leaded windows.

Land Acknowledgement

We recognize the stolen land on which our stillroom resides as the traditional territory of the Attawandaron,

the Huron Wendat Nation, and the Grand River Métis Council.


We will forever hold space for our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the Indigenous peoples who have

worked and lived on this sacred ground since time immortal.

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