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Spring Practices for Radiant Skin & Whole Body Wellbeing

By Dominique Del Col, Herbalist and Founder of Tidelands House

A holistic wellbeing routine is helpful to welcome spring as it rebalances the body’s doshas, particularly Kapha (associated with qualities like heaviness and stagnation), which may accumulate during the colder months.

By incorporating practices such as mineral and electrolyte adjustments, lymphatic detoxification techniques, supportive herbal skincare and internal complexion nourishment, these simple rituals encourage the skin and body’s natural transition into the warmer, more active energies of the season!

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Dominique Del Col is a holistic wellness educator, founder, and herbalist behind Tidelands House Fine Skincare & Stillroom. She has spent nearly two decades immersed in the ancient medicinal practices of traditional herb craft. When she is not in her studio, Dominique can be found tending to her small flock of heritage hens and foraging in the forest with her young daughters, husband and two dogs.


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