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How to Make Beautiful Herbal Water

by Dominique Del Col, Herbalist and Founder of Tidelands House

As we enter into the fullness of winter, it is essential that we efficiently nourish our bodies by maintaining optimal hydration. Despite the colder temperatures, our bodies can still lose water through respiration and perspiration. Staying adequately hydrated helps prevent dehydration, which can lead to various health issues, including fatigue, headaches, impaired cognitive function, and parched skin.

Drinking water can become a conscious wellness practice, thoughtful and meditative, and enriched by adding some of our favourite extracts and potent herbal blends to each glistening drop while enhancing the bioavailability of various critical vitamins, minerals and botanical phytonutrients that support higher well-being.

Here are some of our most beloved boosts for beautiful, nutrient-supportive water.

These boosted waters also make a great base for mocktails and cocktails!

(Resources for purchasing ingredients can be found at the end.)


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