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Milk Glass Facial Cup Kit
  • Milk Glass Facial Cup Kit

    Milk Glass Facial Cup Kit

    Tone, Smooth and Sculpt


    Cupping as a healing modality has a rich history and has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. Myofascial Facial Cupping is the practice of using gentle handheld suction to comfortably stimulate the deeper layers of the skin to encourage blood flow, lymphatic drainage and recovery response as white blood cells, platelets, and the natural inflammatory system of the body respond to the microtrauma created when the cups comfortably pull at the skin for short periods. 


    This ritual feels like a beautiful, deep massage of the face. Immediately resulting in a more plump and radiant complexion, noticeably diminishing fine lines and improving tone with consistent weekly or daily use.


    Our Facial Cups are custom-made exclusively for our stillroom. Crafted of thick milk glass with beautiful, plaster-hued, food-grade silicone bulbs, and come in a sturdy box for convenient storage. 


    Benefits of Facial Cupping: 


    • Smoothes the appearance of fine lines and creases.
    • Reduces dark under-eye circles.
    • Improves circulation, tone and clarity of the skin. 
    • Firms the complexion while sculpting and toning. 
    • Micro-stimulates the deeper layers of fascia while activating cells responsible for collagen production.
    • Gentle suction helps move stagnant lymph and boosts oxygen supply to the skin. 
    • Improves elasticity and reduces dullness. 
    • Plumps the skin while providing a long-lasting, healthful glow. 


    Box Set Includes:

    • Instructions
    • Large Cup: Forehead, cheeks, jawbone, neck. 
    • Small Cup: Area above and below the eye, around the mouth, and in-between eyebrows.
    • Each box features the metallic foil emblem of our stillroom.



    • The glass cups are also available without the storage box (includes instructions).  See above for options. 



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