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Luminous Facial Brush
  • Luminous Facial Brush


    A Daily Glowing Skin Ritual Tool 

    Crafted by traditional Swedish brush-binders, Iris Hantverk. 


    This is one facial tool that we simply cannot live without.


    Iris Hantverk brushes are artfully made in traditional Swedish fashion by an intimate collective of visually impaired craftspeople. These coveted Dry Facial Brushes are individually crafted from responsibly forested, oil-treated golden oak wood and ethically gathered, luxuriously plush, and ultra-soft goat hair bristles that have been carefully bound into the head of each brush by hand. The slender but solid handle has been ergonomically designed to fit beautifully and comfortably into the palm.


    Each brush will arrive wrapped in a 100% organic cotton draw-string bag for convenient storage. 



    About Facial Dry Brushing: 


    Facial dry brushing encourages a luminous and bright complexion by using a circular buffing pattern to detoxify congested pores, stimulate cellular regeneration and turnover, gently exfoliating, smoothing fine lines, polishing and toning the skin, and reducing puffiness, stagnant lymph and dark circles. 


    This practice takes only a minute or two and can be enjoyed daily!



    Facial Brushing Ritual: 


    Use this brush as the very first step in your morning facial care routine each day. Begin with a completely dry face. Next, brush the forehead, chin, cheeks and nose, in short upward and outward strokes towards the hairline. Next, sweep around the brow and cheekbone in a figure-eight motion. Focus on each area of the face for 10-15 seconds, lightly buffing in a circular pattern. Finish the ritual by rinsing with warm water and apply toner and facial serum.


    Caring for your Brush: 


    Sprinkle a small amount of corn starch or arrowroot powder onto completely dry bristles, and tap out excess. We recommend cleaning your brush weekly to preserve the integrity of the bristles and to ensure that oils do not build up only to be deposited back onto the skin. Do not use the brush on damp or wet skin. Avoid use on broken, sunburnt or irritated skin. Do not use water or soap to clean the brush.


    The brush is 7 inches in length and has a brush head diameter of 1.75 inches.



    Please note that the bristles of this brush are made of ethically sourced goat hair. Therefore, it is recommended to perform a patch test if you have had previous topical reactions to wool products.


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