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Le Paillis de Jardin  ‘Garden Mulch’ Vitamin C Emulsion Facial Mask
  • Le Paillis de Jardin ‘Garden Mulch’ Vitamin C Emulsion Facial Mask



    The Formula:

    This vibrant polishing emulsion facial mask embodies our joyful explorations into naturally derived vitamin C and the remarkable properties of bioregional plant constituents.


    Crafted with house-distilled essences and slow ferments, each ingredient is carefully selected for its exceptional restorative and efficacious properties. The rich colour of this formula, a dappled landscape of ethereal blue-greens with flecks of bright marigold, reflects the potent botanicals within, promising a ritual that brings you into deepest reciprocity and communion with the land while radiantly nourishing your complexion for the season.


    Featuring a treacle texture that is gloriously gooey with a gentle exfoliation and a nourishing and dewy finish.


    This softening, exfoliating and regenerating mask formula is suitable for All Complexions.


    Le Paillis de Jardin is part of our seasonal capsule collection and is available in finite quantities for a limited time from late spring into summer.


    The Ritual:

    Moisten your face and hands, then apply a small amount, about a teaspoon or less, of the Mask to your fingertips. Massage the mask onto damp, clean skin and leave it on for 10-30 minutes. Remove with a warm, damp cloth, or splash clean with warm water, and follow up with our essences and serum for a complete skincare practice.


    Active Botanicals:


    Heirloom Purple Corn: Bursting with natural vitamin C, purple corn brightens the skin and diminishes dark spots and hyperpigmentation, while its rich antioxidants shield the skin from environmental stressors, combating free radical damage and fostering a glowing complexion. Its vitamin C content promotes collagen synthesis, enhancing skin elasticity and firmness for a radiant and supple look.


    Acerola Cherry: Acerola boasts potent natural vitamin C, stimulating collagen production to maintain skin firmness and elasticity. Its antioxidant prowess safeguards the skin against UV radiation and environmental pollutants, preventing premature aging and preserving a supple appearance. Vitamin C in acerola also aids in fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation, unveiling a brighter, more even skin tone.


    Fermented Calendula Flowers: Whole calendula flowers offer a wealth of benefits to the skin, including their natural vitamin C content, which helps brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of uneven tone. Their antioxidant properties shield the skin from environmental stressors. Additionally, calendula flowers possess anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritation and redness, making them ideal for sensitive or troubled skin.


    Blue Spirulina: Contains inherent vitamin C, illuminating the skin and reducing dullness and discoloration. Packed with antioxidants, it shields the skin from free radicals, promoting a healthy, luminous complexion. The vitamin C in blue spirulina fosters collagen synthesis, refining skin texture and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.


    Nettle Ferment: Abundant in natural vitamin C, nettle leaf brightens the skin and mitigates dark spots and uneven tone. Its antioxidant properties protect the skin from oxidative stress, thwarting damage from free radicals and environmental aggressors. Vitamin C in nettle also bolsters collagen production, enhancing skin firmness and elasticity.


    Nova Scotian Rose Fruit: Bursting with vitamin C, the crushed fruit has enzymatic benefits, gently resurfacing the outermost layer of the skin. At the same time, it infuses the complexion with essential nutrition to restore vitality, boost collagen production, and reduce inflammation while calming and brightening.


    Red Raspberry Leaf: Pure, unrefined and freshly pressed, featuring vibrant nutrients, essential fatty acids, carotenoids and flavonoids that boost our skins' resilience and recovery when exposed to the sun.


    Aged Regional Honey: Raw honey gently exfoliates the skin by naturally containing enzymes that encourage cell turnover, resulting in a smoother complexion. Its antimicrobial properties help maintain a balanced and enlivened skin microbiome, reducing acne risk and supporting overall skin health. Additionally, raw honey deeply moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and glowing. At our core, we prioritize conscious honey sourcing, partnering with local beekeepers who prioritize the well-being of their bees and the environment. Through ethical and sustainable practices, we uphold our role as earth stewards, contributing to the preservation of bee populations and biodiversity. Our commitment to ethical honey sourcing reflects our deep respect for nature and our dedication to environmental stewardship.



    This formula is free of essential oils.


    Le Paillis de Jardin is a limited-release specialty formula, and the milk glass jar will feature a minimal product label. Please reference our website for usage and ingredients.



    All ingredients are organic, wild-crafted, sustainably, ethically and regionally sourced.

    • Althaea officinalis (Bioregional Marshmallow Root), Zea mays (Purple Corn) powder, Hippophae rhamnoides (Nova Scotian Sea Buckthorn), Malpighia emarginata (Acerola), Phycocyanin (Blue Spirulina Algae), Urtica dioica (Bioregional Nettle), Glycyrrhiza glabra (Liquorice), Rubus idaeus (Biodynamic Red Raspberry) seed oil, Calophyllum inophyllum (Tamanu), Cucurbita pepo (Pumpkin Seed), Rosa canina (Rosehip) seed oil, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba), Calendula officinalis (Calendula) blossoms, Fermented and Aged Raw Honey, Montmorillonite (Glacial Silt Clay).

    • Use within 6 months of opening. Store in a cool, dry and dark location.


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