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Self-Blooming: Thoughts on challenging your growth

How are you challenging your growth today?⁣

The way that we transition through life is much like the cycle of a perennial flower. In dark times, we root ourselves in the earth, resting, waiting, digging our heels into the dirt, and stretching our rootstock into the vast, expansive safety of the clandestine terrain. We often feel buried, contained, and restrained, our brightest selves inhibited by the gloom. But as sun slowly leaches into our soil, and warms the marrow of our earthen bones, we feel inexplicably drawn to the surface. Knowing that if we stretch our tendrils to the sky, that we will find the strength and fortitude to escape the oppression of our own framework, if only for a short while, allowing our petals to unfold and bloom. The glory of the sun, the nutrients provided by our own determination and hardiness, and the assurance that we will survive if only for a short while, sustains and replenishes, giving us the strength to capture the quintessence of love and abundance. ⁣

As the celestial rhythm of the universe compels the glorious sun to set, often and suddenly, we will find no more nourishment above ground, forcing our hard-earned petals to fall, rotting at our feet, as we slowly retreat into the darkness once more, to wait until we have the courage to seek the sunlight again.⁣

This pattern is ceaseless. A natural rhythm of life, of our emotions, our natural response to trauma, loss, self-doubt, fear, and how we cultivate courage, passion, self-love, and pleasure.⁣

However you are flowering today, honour it. ⁣

Are your petals rich with joy, abundance or gratitude - or infused with self-doubt, frustration or feelings of overwhelm? If any of these sentiments fill you with a sense of foreboding or unease, acknowledge them, and remember that it is perfectly okay not to be okay. Even the darkest stages of growth are extraordinary and beautiful - and you WILL bloom again.


Dominique Del Col Owner, and hedge-witch potion maker  WILDWOOD 

Wild Herbal Potions | Analog Beauty | Folk Medicine


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